A dummy project on UX Research | Property Investments | Sweden

Every problem is an opportunity for design. But if the target group doesn’t acknowledge the issue, there is no need for a solution, designed or not. The good thing is that with UX Research’s toolbox, we have a window of opportunity.

This is the story of how I, during a couple of weeks in March 2021, used the UX toolbox to study how Swedes assess the financial risk when buying property on the Swedish housing market.

Housing cooperatives in Sweden come with a financial risk

In Sweden, more than 60 percent of the housing stock consists of condominiums…

UX Design Principles | UX Design Upskill Hyper Island

I want entertainment, and I want clarity. That is my starting point for the redesign of Apple’s Podcaster.

It isn’t easy to understand the current structure full of repetition or categories unsuited to the user. I have been using the podcaster app for years, but one of my top categories is “New to Podcasts?”.

Apple, surely you should know me better than that.

Therefore, during a couple of weeks in April 2021, I redesigned the Podcaster’s navigation in a dummy project of UX Design Upskill at Hyper Island. …

In 1921, Ragnar Tängdén, my grandfather, took over the farm from uncle August. Knowing Ragnar, I can say that he should have pursued a different career, but instead, he continued the path that his family had done before him and farmed the land for life. In 2021, hundred years later, not many children can continue their parents’ course as 2 out of 3 children will have jobs that do not exist today. The world of work is about to change forever.

Two years’ worth of digital transformation in only two months

Less than ten years ago, we still had to prove ourselves to work from home. In 2012, Microsoft introduced…

Helena Tängdén

UX Design | Copy Writer | Freelance | Malmö, Sweden

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